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About Us

Before introducing us, Thank you for visiting CloseWe and building a professional career. CloseWe team humble to you guys for using our service.

What is CloseWe?

CloseWe is an online platform to connect with each other for messaging and meeting with professional people. We made this service for people who want jobs and who want to give jobs. From this website, A Employer can find perfect employee. Because we allow job seekers to create an online portfolio. We will discuss that later. So, in a nutshell, this is a social platform for professional folks.

Why CloseWe?

There is a large number of educated and skilled people are unemployed. On the contrary, Company seeking perfect skilled guy for there company. We want to break this chain. Now a company can easily find their desired guy. Also job seeking people can easily find there desired job.

How CloseWe work for a Company?

Most of the company have no online portfolio. This is an era of the internet. So when a people want to know about any company he searches online to find data about the company. We are giving an opportunity to the companies to create their online profile. So that they can also easily reach people. By creating company profile it will be allowed to post a job to find the perfect guy. Also can search people with exact skill what company needed. Check this list of feature for a company:

  • Post Job.
  • Search employee with the specific skill.
  • Create company profile.
  • Direct message with people.

How CloseWe work for a job seeker?

A people who seeking for the job he can create his own portfolio through our website. The portfolio will include his personal data, educational history, skills, past work history, and experiences. Also, he can apply for the job through our website. He can easily filter jobs with his own desire category to find the perfect job for himself. Not only this, also people will receive notification about specific job according to his interest. Take a look at feature for job seeker:

  • Can create a professional profile.
  • Create CV.
  • Create resume.
  • Interest-based job notification.
  • Direct messaging with another people.

Do you have to pay for this service?

When talking about services, there is a question always comes first. Do I have to pay for this? For your kind information, this is a fully free service for Both employer and employee. It will continue till we made an announcement.

We hope your great career. If we can do any kind of help to you that will be our achievement. Keep using CloseWe and keep us in your love.

Thank You

CloseWe Team

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