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 ???????? China banned fasting for some in the month of Ramadan in Muslim Uyghour minority. Uyghur Muslim facing a tough time in china after state policy to curb the Islamic faith from the Muslims living in China. This came as a strict policy for the some government employees as well. According to the voice of america report right groups are calling for world attentions on government of china for alleged campaign in China’s Xinjiang for banning people from fasting or observing Ramadan. They are observed closely weather they are given up their religion belief to the beijing as part of china’s continues effort to curb Muslim beliefs. In the province of Xinjiang Uighour’s were asked to keep an eye on people who are fasting and would be punished if anyone found in Fasting during month of Ramadan. ???? Young Uighour Muslims studying in college are pressurized to leave their belief, and they are supposed to report to the canteen for meal at least three times a week to have lunch. Just to make sure that they are not fasting. If not so they are supposed to be punished and sent to re education centers. ♨️

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