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Diaspora Paragraph

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Diaspora Paragraph

A diaspora is a scattered population with common origin in a smaller geographic area. It means a group of people or a group of community who have left their homeland leaving their ancestors to be settled another part of the country is called a diaspora. It refers to the movement of the population from its original homeland. Recently, scholars have taken this topic as their interesting subject for thesis. In the history of human civilization,we find a number of events of diaspora. The Jews people were the first diasporas in the history of mankind in ancient times. Their ancestor Abraham was forced to leave Iraq and took shelter in Egypt. In Egypt, he was a diaspora. The second diasporas were the Aryans from the central Europe to the Indian subcontinent thousand years ago. In he 20th century history, Palestinian Diasporas have attracted a lot of attention and has been a cause of great concern for the world leaders. Besides these, there are some massive diasporas in Africa over the centuries. There are many reasons for diasporas. The reasons may be termed as force, threat, personal interest, natural ravages or calamites, war or some unknown reasons. Among the reasons,  the chief reason why the phenomenon of diaspora is attracting so much is globalisatio. Now a days  settle in the USA, UK, Canada, Italy, France, Germany and even in the middle east countries as a result of  the flow of golbalization. The 1947 partition resulted in the migration of millions of people between India and Pakistan. In 2017, the Rohingas amounting 12 lacs from Arakan, Myanmar to Bangladesh were the last diasporas in the history of the world. The reason of those diasporas was religion.  




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Diaspora Paragraph

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  • Abdul Ahwal
    04 Mar 2019   12:44 am
    Thanks for writing this helpful paragraph. Your paragraph has so much necessary information. I have also written on the same topic. you are invited to read Paragraph on Diaspora
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