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Patriotism refers feelings of love for one’s country. It is one of the most important aspects of life. It helps a man greatly to achieve success in life. It implies obedience or love for an orderly life to the country. It is the degree of progress in accordance with the rules of life. A man with patriotism is ready to defend his country at any cost even at the cost of his own life. A man with patriotism is respected by all but a man without patriotism is hated by everyone. Patriotism is a great virtue.

We know that patriotism is necessary for every step of our life. We may regard it as the key to success in our life. Without the presence of it confusion and chaos may exist everywhere in life. If we follow the personal biography of the great man, we will find that their success mainly depends upon this great value. So, the value of patriotism is equally retained in every sphere of our life.


At the period of our liberation war, people from all walks of life took part in the war in the face of countless odds and hazards. At that time peasants, students, soldiers, workers, day labors, businessman, doctors, journals, engineers, artists, poet and all participated in the war because they were inspired by patriotic feelings inspire of risks of lives.It is known by all that patriotism is a mental faculty. Yet its influence gradually felt. As we are a human being, we should abide by some rules. These can bring peace and happiness to the life and society. Being influenced by patriotism a man can surely prosper in life.

In our country, many leaders inspired by patriotism brought freedom for their countries and countrymen. If a political leader, no matter, great or ordinary does not have patriotic feelings, he will always try to satisfy his own desire by earning money. As a result, he will think only of himself and his party men and his country will never develop.

It is widely regarded that patriotism is one of the best virtue of mankind. With the absence of it, people must be unhappy and forlorn in his life. In fact it more valuable than any other aspects of life. Even it can excel money which is the most desirable of life. In all branches of life, it brings great rewards for human life. Of all the possession of life, it may be the greatest possession of man.

But unfortunately it true that after spent forty-five years science we became independent but we could not achieve real freedom, freedom from poverty, freedom from hunger and many others also. Most of the dreams of the freedom fighters are still unfulfilled. We could not build an exploitation free society.

From above the discussion, at last, we may say that patriotism is a great virtue. Regarding the patriotism will help us to reach our final goals. We should acquire it by the force of our habits. Without patriotism, there can have no success and no chance of developing the spirit of man.


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Patriotism Composition Essay

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