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Women education

Education men’s moral and intellectual training. We know that education is the backbone of a nation. No nation can develop without education. Similarly, no nation is possible without women. So, we should educate women if we want a sustainable development.

Bangladesh is an overpopulated country. In our country population problem has become a number of most problem and the half of the population is women in our country. At the same time, we should not forget that an educated man or women are an asset for the country. An educated woman knows her duty as well. If we can educate our women, they will contribute to the development of our country.

It is true that women have to maintain family, children, husband and other services. One’s they were confined in the household work. But with the progress of female education, they are maintaining the indoor and outdoor activities. It has been possible for female education. So, Nepolion was said that “give an educated mother I will give you an educated nation”.

There is no doubt that women play an important role in every field of life. By receiving higher education, they are becoming pilots, police, engineers, doctors, teachers and many others. In recent time most of the members of our parliament are now women even our prime minister.

Finally, we can say’s that female education is compulsory for the development of a country. The government of Bangladesh has already taken some positive steps about this issue. We hope that our country women will be an asset’s for us.


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Women education Composition Essay

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