Composition : The Rainy Day

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*Introduction : Bangladesh is a land of natural beauties. The variation of season contributes enhance its dazzling beauties. Six seasons come in this country with their own specialties. The rainy season in one of the famous season in this country. This season comes with far reaching effects on our life and nature. *Cause of Rain : The Bengali months Ashar and Shravan are the duration of rainy season. But Sometimes this seasons begins from the middle of Jaista and last of the middle of Badra. This rain comes with the south-east monsoon that blows over Bangladesh from the bay of Bengal. In summer, the tremendous heat of sun vapors water in ponds, river and canals. The vapors Float in sky and condense into clouds and causes rain.  Description : During rainy season,  the sky is covered with black clouds. Violet blasts of wind blows and lighting flashes. The sun can not be seen. Some times it drizzles and sometimes it rainy heavily for hours together. Some times there are no clouds In the sky. There remains hot sun but a shower of rain is seen. The rainbow is seen on the cloudy sky in this season.

* Human sentiment in rain : The rain has ample effects on human sentiments. The human mind gets humid feelings when the sky is covered with clouds. When it rains outside, human mind is filled extraordinary obsessions. The mind perceives the absence of something or the loss of something. The human mind wishes to get company of dear ones. He He become poetic and tries to fill oneness with nature. *Appearance of the village : Our country is village dominated. The beautiful and plain lands of our country assume a rare look in rainy season. The fields, ponds, canals, rivers are filled with water. The roads become muddy and slippery. The boat man ply on rivers and sing our traditional bucolic songs. The trees are filled with green leaves. The landscape appears green. Dazzling flowers bloom on pond and field water. Birds dive on watery places.  The watery animals play in joy. The cry of frog, chirping of cricket etc. Fill the villages at night.

Usefulness : The rainy season comes with great blessings for us. Our agriculture mainly depends on rain water. Our farmer can plough their land and prepare it  for cultivation. The farmers smile when rain appears. They cultivate jute, rice, wheat and other crops.  Rain fertilizes our land which is filled with alluvial soil. The farmer go to their land merrily with their bullocks.  Again rain water washes away filth and dirt. It purifies our environment. The rain also help our communication system. The rivers play vital role at this time for transport. Not only that,  the rainy season fills our vegetables and other fruits. Different vegetables and jack fruit,  pineapple, guava etc. Are enormously found in this season. Thus rainy season helps us in all respects.  * Disadvantages : the rainy season is not of unmixed blessings. It has some demerits. Roads and paths become muddy. People can not move smoothly. Poor people suffer greatly because they can not go to work. They pass their days in starvation.  Excessive rainfall washes away crops and creates food. The price of essential commodities go up. Out door games and sports are stopped. Mosquitoes increase from rottenness everywhere. Malaria and other intestine diseases break out at large scale. The muddy houses are washed away. Sometimes there creates epidemic from in rainy season.

*Conclusion : Our rainy season is both good and bad. Man can not sustain his livings without rain. Again excessive rain bring harm. But rainy season does greater advantages than disadvantages. Our natural beauties largely depend on the blessings of rain. Thus the rainy season is dearer to us.

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Composition : The Rainy Day

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