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A Farmer Paragraph

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A farmer is one, who farms or cultivates the land for agricultural production. In any agricultural country farmers play a vital role. He may be rich or poor. He works in the field from dawn to dusk. He rises early in the morning and goes to the field to seed, to weed or to harvest. After he finishing his work in the field, he returns home in the twilight (sunset). They don't have their own lands. They cultivate others land. The life of a farmer in our country is full of uncertainty (hesitation). Sometimes he passes his days in great joy if he can produce his crops well. Again, he may face hard days if production of food grains fall because of natural calamities. So a farmer feels happy when there is bumper-crops and feels unhappy when production of crops falls short of expectation. As a whole, they don't lead a happy life.


A Farmer Paragraph

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