Problems in Bangladesh Stock Market & Objective of Stock Market

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Bangladesh stock market are riddled with a number of problems. The major problems are involve that- 

 1. The devastating fall down of share market in 1996 has shattered the confidence of investors. Thus the challenges ahead for Bangladesh stock market are to revamp the share market by restoring confidence among investors. 

 2. Although sometimes, the stock market bubble up but such rises in the share prices are not consistent with the share market fundamentals.  

3. The managment of the Bangladesh stock markets is very weak and underdevelopd. Besides, the regulatory capacity of SEC also is indequate. The implementation of rules, regulations and guidelines are not very effective.  

4. We are lacking of quality securities. Most of  the listed companies are in bad position.  

Objective of Stock Market :- 

The major objectives of a stock market are -  

1. Providing a new source of finance for privet domestic investment.  

2. Improving a company's financial risks.  

3. Improving the efficiency of investment by allocating finance to more efficient investor.  

4. Improving the level of savings.  

5. Benifits for institutional savers.  

6. Foreign exchange gains that result from the inflow of funds from overseas portfolio investors.  

7. Encouraging Privaiazation.   

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Problems in Bangladesh Stock Market & Objective of Stock Market

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