first day at College. That time is most memorable day for me.

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I am a third year College student now. My first appearance at the college was an exciting one. I came to this college at first with my cousin. That day is still fresh in my memory.

After passing The HSC I took admitted into Beanibazar government college and university. When we the first day came, I took every preparation to go. Of course, I had been preparing for last few days. But on the fixed day, I was very excited. I was feeling extreme joy and emotion. In fact, joy and excitement hovered round me. I was tossed with these two phenomena.

I alone with my cousin started for the college at 7 am. We reached the college after half an hour 9 am. The was sunny day and we rode the bicycle to reach the college. Throughout the whole road, my mind was waving between emotion, thrills an excitements.

My cousin was telling about the college and about the surroundings.

When we reached the college main gate, I was greatly thrilled observing the splendid the gate. I seemed I was entering into the vast horizon of learning. The total college fascinated me. I visualized the large building, It's rooms, yard orchard, flower garden and vast play field. The Shaheed minar inside the campus thrilled me. I saw everything neat and clean. The full blooming flowers seemed to be ready to take me within their heart. In fact, the magnificent college infrastructure charmed me to the best. The first class of that day started at 10 am. Reaching the classroom, i felt very nervous. Innumerable unknown face terrified me. I took my seat at the last bench in wavering mind. After few minute I was always awakened when I perceived the front student standing up. Instantly, I stood up unknowingly and felt the presence of a middle aged man. I shock off my shyness and understood this was our teacher. In a polite and gentle mood, he urged us to sit down. He was our English teacher. On the first day, two classes were held and I attend all these Classes. My first day at college was a day of making friendship. After our classes on that day, I conversed with some other students. As time passed, my shyness withered and started making friendship with them. Other also advanced to converse with me. Within short time, I realized I had been tied with Nazmul, Razzak,Joynal and Tanni. I suggested them to roam about other place to understand everything. Therefore, we were wandering round the large building. At a time, we reach in front of the principal's chamber. At that time, my heart was throbbing. I could not bring myself to face him. But I felt an urge to see him. I become curious and looked through the window. I stole a glance at the principal. He was a tall and handsome man. He wore spectacle on his nose. I felt an unimaginable sense of knowledge within him.

On my first day, the college library was a great attraction to me. I was astonished to see the huge pile of books. The librarian welcomed me and my friends when he understood that we were new comers. I picked Two or three book and read for a while. Therefore, I also visited our common room. It was a new experience to me. I saw a number of a students there. It seemed to as a meeting place. It was a well furnished room. Some of elder students spoke with me in the room. I was highly pleased at their kind speech. I will never forget those amiable minds.

I can clearly visualized that I spent at least five hours at my at my college on the first day. As time passed, the total college area appeared to me newer and newer. It fascinated me like a small bird to a child. At 2.30 pm, I reached home with animated sensibility. Finally, I will say that, My first day at college was very pleasant. I still cherish this day. I earnestly go back both consciously and sub-consciously to that day when the corner stone of my life was laid. 

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first day at College. That time is most memorable day for me.

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