A Journey by Train Paragraph Essay Composition

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A Journey by Train

Introduction: A journey is pleasant to all. A journey by train is specially very pleasant and enjoyable to me. A few days Ago I made a journey by train from Feni to Chittagong.

Description: During the last vacation one of my friends requested me to attend his sister’s marriage ceremony at Chittagong. So I got a chance to make a journey by train. I accepted this invitation gladly. Two other friends joined me. On the fixed Day we reached Feni station at 7 a.m. The station was very crowded. Somehow we managed to buy our tickets. With great Difficulty, we got into the train. fortunately, I got my seat beside the window. After a few minutes, the guard blew the whistle and the train began to move on. At first, the train moved on slowly. Then it began to run at full speed. 

Scenery I enjoyed: I kept looking outside through the window. The train was pass through the green fields. Dew drops on green grasses were glittering like pearls. Trees and houses seemed to run behind. We saw the farmers working in the field. Cattle were grazing here and there. I enjoyed the scenes with a cheerful mind. The train stopped at a few big stations. We bought boiled eggs, bananas, magazines etc. from the hawkers. When the train started from Feni station, I saw the hills of Chittagong. On the right, I saw the vast sheet of water of the Bay of Bengal. All these pleased me very much. At last the train reached Chittagong at 5 p.m. We got down from the train and saw my friend at the station. He came to receive us. He became very pleased to see us.

Conclusion: It was the most pleasant journey in my life. I enjoyed it so much that the memory of the journey by train will remain ever fresh in my heart.

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A Journey by Train Paragraph Essay Composition

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