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The importance of reading newspapers

A newspaper is called the agent of knowledge. We can increase our knowledge by reading a newspaper. A newspaper helps us to collect the various news and views of the government as well as the people of the country. It also helps to develop our knowledge of sports, technology, politics, economics, culture, literature, religious even all branches of knowledge.

The weekly and monthly newspapers publish very valuable and research oriented writing by which people are greatly influenced by the thought of the intellectual, politicians, and business. We can know the recent happenings event of the whole world every day by reading newspapers. By reading a newspaper everybody becomes more aware of the development of the country and making progress in the various fields such as science and technology, politics, economics and many other fields. It’s occurred when people are reading a newspaper.

People can get their all necessary information from newspapers. A business man can get her business related information and present business situation from newspapers. In the same way, a sportsman can collect the all world’s sports news from reading a newspaper. A politician also can acquaint with political changes taking place in different countries of the world. A sociologist can able to collect various social situation or able to knowing of social position by reading newspapers. A scientist or a researcher can collect information, news, and views of renowned personalities concerned with the subject through the newspapers. Students can read newspapers for help to their study. On the same way, a dramatist, novelist, cartoonist, artist and an actor all of them can collect their particular important information from the reading newspapers. Newspapers publication frequently publish their separate pages for children and women.


Every day newspapers help us by giving the various message like railway timings, TV programs of various channels, notification of government, different project, function and many others. Political awareness and social awareness can be created very rapidly through a newspaper. It also gives delight when any person wants to pass his leisure time by reading newspapers. Democratic behavior and attitude can be developed if we read newspapers regularly and carefully because writing on democratic values like tolerance, duties, and responsibilities can be propagated through the newspapers.

From above the discussion, at last, it can be said that newspapers is an essential and very useful for human being. Newspapers have made the world as smaller and closer. So everybody should read the newspapers to be well informed of the news and views of the modern world.


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The importance of reading newspapers Composition

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