Water Pollution Paragraph

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Water Pollution Paragraph Water is an important element of our environment. Water is polluted in many ways. Water pollution occurs in oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds and underground reservoirs. As different water resources flow together, the pollution can spread easily and quickly. Increased sediment from soil, erosion, improper waste disposal and littering, leakage of soil pollution into water supplies and organic materials that decay in water supplies etc. are caused of water pollution. In fact, polluting the land means polluting the water. Throwing away a toxic substance on the ground near a water space means it eventually reaches a body of water. As a result, the water is polluted. Industrial wastes must not be disposed in rivers or lakes. We need to be more careful about disposing household wastes too. Use of pesticides means that when it rains on the lawn of garden, chemicals wash into the water bodies. Therefore, we must be aware of the dangers of using pesticides as they may pollute our rivers, canals and lakes.

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Water Pollution Paragraph

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