Land Phone and Mobile Phone

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There are two types of phone like land phone and mobile phone. Land phone is a phone which is connected with cables and is operated by a govt. agency named BTRC. On the other hand, a mobile phone does not have any wire and operated by a government and non Government companies or agencies. Land phone and mobile phone are comparable in one main purpose. Both the phones are used as a quick mode of communication worldwide. Despite the similarity, there are a number of difference in the way of using, connecting an Operating System between the two phones. Mobile phone has an easy excess of connection offering by a mobile phone operating company. On the other hand, there is a lengthy process of getting connection of a land phone by an operator company. Land phone are used by keeping on a fixed position in the office, houses, schools, colleges etc. Mobile phones are used in anywhere in anytime as it is not connected with cables. It is an extra opportunity of using mobile phone than that of land phone. There is a difference between two phone in regurding of paying bill system. Phone is operated through pre prepaid and postpaid basis. In contrast, land phone is operated only through postpaid basis. Land phone is used only for dialling and receiving calls. On the contrary,  the mobile phone has some extra conveniences than a land phone. Because of mobile phone has different using phenomena. The man who dials calls have to pay the bill but the receiver enjoys it freely. Through a mobile phone, one can send short written messages to any mobile number all over the world. In contrast, this service is not possible through a land. A caller can offer missed call alert to other mobile phone requesting to call back for the caller through a mobile phone. But this is quite impossible through a land phone. If a recipient cannot receive his call in time, ultimately it makes a missed call and later he could know how and when called him. This is not possible through a land phone. However, it can be said that in spite of some differences of few different aspect, both the phones have provided the world a much better communication system.

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Land Phone and Mobile Phone

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