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Mammoplasty Breast Reduction Surgery

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Augmentation Mammoplasty: here breast size is increased to make a woman more attractive. Silicone Implant (an artificial gel filled bag) is placed in the chest wall by a small incision in the fold below the breast. The implant size is chosen according to the need of the patient. Silicone does not cause cancer. Cosmetic closure is done and stitch removal is not required. There is no visible scar. Patient can go home the same day. Pregnancy and breast feeding is not hampered in augmentation mammoplasty. Dr.Siddiky has pioneered this surgery for the first time in Bangladesh on the 21st September 2001. Since then it has become a regular operation in Cosmetic Surgery Centre Ltd; and the results has been excellent and at per with other international centres. Recently lipoinjection/ fatgrafting with PRP(platelet rich plasma) is also used for breast augmentation, where the use of silicone implant can be avoided.


Reduction Mammoplasty: here abnormally big and heavy breast is reduced in size.


Mastopexy: here flabby breast (which hangs down more than it should) is uplifted by plastic surgery. Combination procedures like mastopexy with breast implant surgery can be done in the same sitting if required. Similarly other cosmetic surgeries of the abdomen or nose can also be combined with breast surgery.


Reconstructive Mammoplasty: this is done for patients who had their breast removed for cancer. Muscles of the abdomen or back are used to make new breast. Silicone implants using tissue expansion technique can also used for reconstruction.


Mammoplasty Breast Reduction Surgery

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