Uses and abuse of Facebook

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Uses and abuse of Facebook Essay Composition

Facebook is a famous communication medium. It has some special criteria which make it adorable from others. In the present time, about 800 million people are using Facebook. Facebook is now available in 70 languages. It is a powerful manifestation of globalization reflecting both the high degrees of interconnections and the death of distance and that why it is now a famous and important communication system. Among all technologies, it is a two-edged sword with potential and valuable uses and detrimental abuses. Here we will focus on its educational uses and abuses of which there are many.

Nowadays Facebook is a famous communication medium all over the world because Facebook includes 70 different languages by which people are using this with their own language. It also provides other opportunities that are shared. These images can later be used as part of presentations or even potential publications.


Through Facebook, it is possible to develop a network with extensive intellectual power, giving the user access to a vast array of potentially valuable information and research through either being friends with such individuals or becoming their fans if they are public figures on Facebook. Facebook also provides a mechanism for easily conducting electronic surveys. Not only Facebook always work as uses to humankind but also sometimes it uses in abuse such as cyber bullying, which can have extremely negative effects and particularly on teenagers who can be deeply hurt by such behavior and who may have fragile personalities. And another negative effect is what has been termed Facebook addiction by which individuals can waste their valuable time by playing Facebook. Originally Facebook is only available to be for those who have 18 or over. But unfortunately, now many young people under 18 are using Facebook at their full time. One study of young British girls which indicates that they considered Facebook as the most important part of their lives, even more, important than their family. So, such data are alarming to the sad. With Facebook being a two edged sword, it is important that educators and teachers assist young people in learning how to use this new technology creatively and productively. From above the discussion at last it can be say that, Facebook is a famous and most essential communication medium all over the world, and it consists both the merits and demerits also. Students should much use of it and proper use of it.


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Uses and abuse of Facebook

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