Corruption in Bangladesh Essay or Composition

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Corruption in Bangladesh Essay or Composition

There are many problems is present in Bangladesh, corruption is one of them. Corruption refers the adoption of unfair works to achieve something being without morality and regulation of a country. At the present moment, the problem has become the most advantage problem in Bangladesh. According to the report of transparency international, Bangladesh is among the top most corrupted countries in the world.

There are many causes are present behind the corruption. Such as unemployment, lack of morality, lack of government interfere, political interfere and lack of salary lack of social awareness and so on have led to the expansion of corruption. In according to Bangladesh context mainly the corruption are seen in administrative sector, commercial sector, political sector, and many another private sector also found corruption. Even it has enlarged its paw in education sector too. Law enforcing agencies are classified as the most corrupted department in Bangladesh according to the TIB report.

Corruption can be occurred in many ways like bribery, nonetheless, unequal distribution of government funds, sharing of beliefs, nepotism in public service and much other unwell works.

For the corruption, a country has suffered a lot of problems. Corruption problem games a nation. The country gets an undignified lunch and opportunity worldwide. Presently, it has turned into an impediment to the development of our nation. It also damaged to our economic condition. And it also creates many other problems.

It is time for all of us aware to remove the corruption and reduce corruption. Already in our country, Anti-corruption commission has been formed to prevent the corruption. But unfortunately, it is not attractive yet. Besides, it is immediate to upgrade the Anti-corruption commission and upgrade the morality and humanity also. For preventing this problem the political and religious leaders, teachers, social workers, media and moreover the strong government should play an effective role in this regard. Among these, the media can also require a strong stand against this problem. In, addition good governance, a boost of job facilities along with strict enforcement of authorized rules can ensure elimination of corruption.

From above the discussion, at last, we may say that corruption is an adoption of unfair ways to achieve something being without morality and by defying the regulation of a country and it is an unexpected and harmful event in our society. It is corruption which has hampered the progress of our country. However, finally, we must create awareness among the people against corruption. And the government should raise a campaign to combat bribery and corruption to get a better and corruption free Bangladesh.

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Corruption in Bangladesh Essay or Composition

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