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Modern Science Paragraph

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We live in an age of science. Modern age is an age of science. Modern civilization is the reflection of it. It is a blessing to mankind. We can see the wonders of science around us. Science has made our life easy and comfortable such as telephone, computer, internet, radio, electricity, dish antenna etc. Modern Science they are very useful to our modern life. We cannot thing our modern life without it. It has changed our life, society and culture. It has both good sides and bad sides. If it is used to the welfare of mankind it will be welcomed. But if it used to the destruction of human environment, it has great impact on people. The invention of (N.P) has become an essential part in our everyday life. We cannot think a single moment without it. We can do anything positive or negative by the help of it. But we should use it for the welfare of whole mankind.




Modern Science Paragraph

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