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Laser hair removal treatment of unwanted hair

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A young girl who has unwanted hairs on her face is always tensed about how she looks. This is because she has to face embarrassing situations frequently. To get out from this situation she tries to avail all the different remedies available. There are various ways for removing unwanted hair. Among these, waxing, threading, bleaching, cream epilation, and electrolysis are all known to us. Those who have unwanted hair on their faces, feel inclined to use any one of these above mentioned procedures. But the main problem lies in the very fact that none of these treatments are permanent. Therefore, going to the beauty parlor for threading or waxing becomes a regular feature for many. It can be annoying, especially because the procedures are painful. Laser hair removal is a recent advancement in the treatment of unwanted hair. With laser large areas can be treated quickly and permanently.

How does laser work ?

Laser is a special type of light ray which is used to treat a variety of diseases. Laser itself can be of different forms. Among these Nd:Yag 1064 is used to remove unwanted hairs. When laser is being used, the special light ray is absorbed by the black pigment called melanin at the root of the hairs. This generates heat known as thermal energy, which gradually shrinks the hair follicles and prevents the growth of thick black hairs in the future.


How soon can you see the results ?

It takes a few months to get the complete result of laser treatment. This is because all the hairs in a given area are not in the Growing phase at the same time, and laser only works well on those hairs which are in the Growing phase. So during the first laser session only the growing phase hairs are affected. A second laser session is required when the hairs in the Dormant phase gradually enters the Growth phase. In this way, after every three or four weeks, six to eight laser sessions are required for permanent result. But most patients can start to see the improvement after one or two sessions.


How much does this treatment cost ?

A Modern laser machine is very expensive. So laser treatment is also expensive. Treatment of the face and neck usually costs 6000 to 8000 taka per session. Smaller areas like upper lip requires 2000 to 3000 taka only. In spite of this, many choose to do permanent laser rather than spending money on a regular basis on temporary procedures of hair removal.


Will laser work on patients who have unwanted hairs due to hormonal imbalance ?

Yes. Those who have hormone-related problems also benefit from laser treatment. But they require a few more extra sessions. In reality, most women with unwanted hairs do not have hormonal imbalances. Hormone related or Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome is found only in a minority of women. They require some form of hormonal manipulation in addition to laser treatment.


Does laser treatment have any side effects ?

No. New generation laser machines are safe. This treatment does not have any side effects. Blister formation and Laser treatment is not advisable during pregnancy. Except for that, all sorts of patients can be treated with laser. Previously laser treatment was not possible on Asians (skin type 4 and 5) and Black ( type 6 ) people. But with the development of newer generation laser machines it can now be given to all skin types including type 6.


Is there any instructions for laser patients ?

Yes, there are some simple rules to be kept in mind. For example, laser treatment is not given within seven to ten days of plucking or threading; this is because laser fails to work well in follicles which does not contain hairs. After laser treatment, the use of sun block lotion is very important. This prevents excessive tanning of the skin. Moisturizer enriched with aloe vera should also be used on the treated area. There is no harm in applying make-up after laser sessions. This treatment is painless and takes less than thirty minutes. So anyone can drop by to do laser whenever they can get a short break from their office work.


What other diseases can be treated with laser ?Nd:YAG laser can treat a number of other diseases like red and blue facial viens, pseudofolliculitis barbae (hair root infection in young men), rosacea ( undue reddish discoloration of the facial skin) and acne( pimple) scarring. It is also used for facial rejuvenation, where wrinkles are effaced and open pores are reduced. It also tightens the skin and improves skin glow at the same time.


Other lasers like Q Switch is used to treat Pigmented (dark) skin spots. It is also useful in tatoo removal.Pulsed Dye laser is the treatment of choice for a variety of Haemangiomas( red birthmarks).CO2 laser is an ablative laser which works by vaporization of the surface epithelium; as such this laser is very useful for removal of warts from almost anywhere in the body. It is also a useful means of removal of fine facial wrinkles. Due to its powerful and destructive nature CO2 Laser can be used as an optical knife to make precise and bloodless incisions during certain operations.


Laser hair removal treatment of unwanted hair

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