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A village fair

A village fair is an annual occasion in a rural area. It is generally held on the occasion of some religious festivals or some local important events. It is an affair for entertainment, show, and sale of various goods and services. It also an exhibition of handicrafts and agricultural products made by the rural folk.

Generally, a village fair sits on the near of river or some fairs sit in an open field under a big ancient tree or in the city place. A village fair serves as a sort of exhibition of village products. Things of many kinds and tastes are brought here for show and sale. Potters, carpenters, blacksmiths and weavers sales their hand-made product in the village fair. In village fair generally, children are gathering for buying different toys and balloons and female children are gathering in fair for buy the artificial jewelry. Overall a village fair is an occasion of great joy and excitement among the villagers.

In my nearest village also a fair is held in every year. Last year I and along my two other friends, paid a visit to this fair. When we entered the fair we saw that the whole fair was fulfilled by many peoples. Men and children from all walks of life gathered there. Maybe all people there was from neighboring villages come to the fair. There were hue and cry. The noise of the surrounding place was deafening. We saw that there are many different kinds of stalls here and there. The fair was held in a large field under the open sky. At first, we round the whole fair and then we bought some toys and balloons from the village stalls. And after sometimes we saw the circus and then we saw the circus and after we also saw the magic show, puppet show and last one we saw drama party. In that fair the largest crowd gathered around the place where jugglers showed their feats. But in the corner of another part, some people were busy to shown the gambling. This sight, to some extent, filled our mind with dissatisfaction. A whole day we spend in the fair and at last, we came to our home at evening. The fair was very interesting and entertainment with us and it also evergreen in our mind. At last, we left the fair with a happy mood.

From above the discussion, at last, we may say that a village is an annual affair in rural Bangladesh. It removes the monotony of life and brings joys to the villagers. It helps a man to forget his sorrows and sufferings for the time being. In a village fair, people can meet their kith and kin and mix with a variety of people. Villagers usually long for such an occasion. The government should encourage such kind of the fair for the promotion of rural art and craft.


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A village fair Composition Essay

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