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Necessity of Education Paragraph

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Necessity of Education Paragraph 


If human body stands for a nation, education will stand for its inevitable backbone. So the necessity of education cannot be denied in the true sense of term. Education refers to the enhancement of human mind through formal learning. It's a process of developing the stages of mind. It is tremendously necessary to mature a person mentally and intellectually. It enables people to lead a planned and organised life. Educated people are able to make right choices to gain prosperity. It refines our sensibility and purifies the heart of us. It broadens our outlook. Education aims at removing the darkness of ignorance from the society. It enlightens people and makes them lead a healthy and happy life. Education makes a man eloquent and helps to learn the process of overcoming danger. Educated people accelerate the country's prosperity by avoiding superstitious beliefs. Education helps people to distinguish what is good and what is bad. It acts like a catalyst that changes a man but it, itself is never changed. It teaches us to earn well and spend well. They are aware of the importance of controlling the growth of population. They are also aware of the severe consequences of pollution. Thus educated people help a nation to increase the production of crops, to strengthen economic flourishment, to protect the environment and so on. Education also makes us aware of our duties and responsibilities. It leads us to achieve prosperity and progress in our national life. In a word, education is a yardstick of development. We must try our best to be truly educated. True education ensures better living. 


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Necessity of Education Paragraph

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