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Social Value Paragraph

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 Social Value Paragraph 


Social value stands for a set of principles, norms and behaviour of a society that are widely acceptable among its people. It upholds the moral standard of behavior or principles nourished by a nation. Social values determine our distinctive social identity. We have inherited these values from our custom, tradition and culture. Without these values, a society loses its identity. We must remember that social values never change, but their interpretation can be different from time to time. A society's life style is fully governed by its existing values. In the past, the social values covered a wide range of positive aspects. People were then honest, simple, sincere, responsible, pious and sympathetic. They turned against any wrong doings in a body. Their life was designed wholly under the watchwords, like- 'Honesty is the best policy'. But those social values are no longer in practice in the present age. Now we find a great change in our out outlook, attitude, behavior, belief, reaction etc.. People are now self-centered and can do anything for personal interest. The social values have been replaced by conspiracy, faithlessness, envy, dishonesty, complexity and corruption. The present social values are the outcomes of the materialistic world that values money more than anything else. Humanity seems to be outdated by corruption all around our life. The effects or present day values are horrible. Without a few exceptions, all the people rush after name, fame and wealth. They do not care even if the way they follow is immoral. The few honest and simple minded people find it frightening to raise their voice against all these malpractices. The web of bribery and corruption has wrapped up the whole society. This cannot be let without any protest. To save humanity we must raise awareness among people about the sad consequences of their wrong doings. At the same time, they must be motivated to follow the values of the past for bringing about peace and harmony in the society. I think the reservation of our past social values will make a better world for us.


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Social Value Paragraph

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