The wonders of modern science Composition Essay

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The wonders of modern science

The present world is called an age of science. And we live in an age of science. Now a day’s science is the most conquering and most powerful force in the world. It takes place wonder one after another. Science has made man’s life as more comfortable, luxurious and full of variety and riches. In everywhere we see that the wonders of science around us. We cannot think our modern life without science. Science is present in every space of our life.

Maybe the first wonder of modern science is the discovery of electricity. For creating the electricity it has changed our life into society and culture. It is the biggest source of power and energy. Electricity includes many inventions of science and it kept help to an invention of many electronic devices such as Telephone, radio, television, light, fan, electric irons, mills, factories and many others which all are work through the power of electricity. So, electricity is a wonder of modern science. In the field of medical service, science has added a lot of inventions. Science has lessened human sufferings as the whole side. It has given eyes to the blind, hearing to the deaf, legs to the lame. It has also found out the new ways of health and life. For the blessing of science now the diseases are easily cured but in the past time, it is incurable. The invention of X-ray, biopsy, Ultrasonography, ECG etc. are now helping the physicians to diagnose diseases and cure them effectively. In the present time hospitals, clinics and doctors cannot go even a single day without these.

In the technology side, science includes many inventions like the machine, the pumping machine, tractor and many other scientific tools which made our life as very comfortable and more beneficial. And these technological tools have brought a revolutionary change in our agriculture field. For creating these the production of foods, crops fruits are increased in a number of amounts. Communication systems are the another blessing of science which removed the distance of place. It has made comfort our life and it also saved our time.

Nowadays we can travel hundreds of miles within a short time by car, bus, train, launch and steamer. In the communication sectors Rocket is the most wonder of science. It has made space travel easy. For the invention of rocket now man has landed on the moon successfully.

For the invention of a printing, press science had rapidly spread education among the people of the world. Science has given us comforts even in our house door. When we are staying in our house we get many facilities of science like electric light and fans which playing by pressing the switch on.

But science always is not blessing to us. Sometimes many unexpected events are occurred by science. The incidents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still an unexpected moment to us. Dangerous weapons, a hydrogen bomb, atom bomb these are the evil events of science which are occurred destroy in the world. Science gave dangerous weapons in the hands of man. It is the science which man can use in either in a good way or in a bad way.

From above the discussion, at last, we may say that science is the blessing for mankind. No nation can prosper without science. Science made our life as comfortable and beneficial. Science is the greatest of all conquerors both past and present. It has established itself firmly in our hearts. So, we should uses of it in a proper way. And we should not use of it in a bad way. We appreciate the uses of science and hate the curses of abuse.


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The wonders of modern science Composition Essay

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