The unemployment problem of Bangladesh Composition Essay

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The unemployment problem of Bangladesh

There are many problems are present in Bangladesh unemployment problem is one of them. Unemployment refers is a situation which denotes without any work both for an educated and uneducated person for earning one’s livelihood. In fact, when a man is jobless we call him unemployed. Nowadays this problem has become a great concern all over the world. Although this problem is present in ma many countries, it is extremely severe also in Bangladesh. Thousands of our country people are suffering from it. At present, the toughest task for any young man is to manage a job.

The population problem is now one of the major problems of Bangladesh because of our over growing population. The over growing population is the main cause of unemployment problem. With the growth of population, the limited land is losing its capacity to provides employment facilities in the firms to the over growing rural population. Lack of proper industrialization, lack of technical and vocational education also the reason of unemployment problem. Bangladesh is industrially is very backward. In fact, the development in this field is very short. Cottage industries have almost decayed. But the few mills, factories and industries that we have can only absorb a limited number of people. These very few mills and factories fail to provide adequate employment facilities. Most of the people of our country directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. But our cultivable land is very extremely limited as a result most of the rural people are suffer in unemployment problem.

Our present systems of education instead of giving any solution creates educated unemployed Youngman. In our educational system, there is no much scope of giving vocational training and technical education to a student. So, after the taking the highest degree even from the highest seat of learning, they remain unemployed. In order to eradicate this problem, we have to mobilize all our energies to this great purpose without wasting time. A large number of mills, factories, and industries should be set up where many of our unemployed youths will get the opportunity to work. A great change should be brought in our education system. More importance should be given on professional, vocational and technical education. These will make an opening to work in different industrial sectors. The cottage industries should be revived without further delay so that artisans and craftsmen in the rural areas will not switch over their professions. In educational institutions, vocational education and training should be introduced so that the students can get self-employed after their academic career and engage themselves in productive work. Above all the young and educated people should give up their false sense of dignity for becoming officers and engage themselves in whatever works are available.

From above the discussion, at last, it can say that unemployment is a situation where educated and uneducated people are not getting any job to do. For removing of this problem the government should be taken a proper step. The educated person should change their attitude to their life. They must learn to choose their independent career.


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The unemployment problem of Bangladesh Composition Essay

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