Disadvantages of social media essay

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Uses and abuses of social media Essay Composition

Social media refers primarily the internet and mobile phone which are used for sharing and discussing information. And it added the technology, telecommunications, and social interaction and provides platforms to communicate through many things like words, picture, documents, films, music and many others.


Mainly the social networking is occurred by an online service. And its users create virtual networks with like-minded people. It gives some facilities such as instant messaging, chat, photo sharing, video sharing updates etc. Among these, the most popular are like Facebook and linked in.


Many uses of social media are present like Blogs, Chatting, Video sharing, Photo sharing, Informative news sharing and many others also present. Use of Blogs are descriptive content created and maintained by individuals users and may contain text, photo, and links to other websites. Video sharing side of social media which mainly uses video as the main form of content supported by the text. YouTube is the example of it which is the world’s largest video sharing site. All of these social media are used for comfortable of man’s life.


But many cases of abuse of social media also present such as pornographic video, viruses and cyber bullying. All of these are mainly uses for harmful to man’s life. Social networking sites is an exciting technological advancement that is becoming very common nowadays because it is one of the fasters ways of getting information. People of different stage and age use the net in various ways. It is now commonly used for business information exchange, education, and communication. The extent of use of the net in everyday life has become so common that it is now an integral part of our lives. As the social networking is being increasingly used as an education and information resources and we have to decide how to make it a non-abuse place for our society.


From above the discussion, at last, we may say that uses and abuses both are present of social media. It is clearly proved that social media is a very powerful means of exercising one’s freedom of speech and expression. Moreover, it is also been increasingly used for illegal acts which have given force to the Government’s attempts at censoring social media. Where on the hand, the misuse of social media entails the need for legal censorship, on the other hand, there are legitimate fears of violation of civil rights of people as an inevitable consequence of censorship. So, we should try to the proper uses of it.


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Disadvantages of social media essay

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