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Digital Bangladesh Paragraph

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Digital Bangladesh Paragraph

Digital Bangladesh is a vision of current government to make Bangladesh an ICT based fully technolized country within 2021. It is the mostly pronounced phrase in Bangladesh now-a-days. Digitization involves giving proper computer training to the people spacially the rural people. It also involves implenentation of e-commerce, e-governence, e-education, e-agriculture and use of technology for almost all sectors like security, marketing, communication etc. 

But it is not an easy task to transform Bangladesh into a digitalized country. A number of obstacles stand in the way of development. Ours is a poor country and most of the people are illiterate here. In order to digitalize the country, we have to develop the infrastucture. Corruption is the main problem to solve. Above all most of the people are not clearly known about the term. In short digitalization means making all the utility services accesable to the mass people through computer or internet to ensure accountablity and transparency.

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Digital Bangladesh Paragraph

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