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Birds of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a beautiful country. The land of Bangladesh has a luxuriant growth of plants. Birds have increased its beauty more. When we rise early in the morning then we hearing the sweet songs of different birds. There are different types of birds are present in our country. They are consists different in color, size, and habit. They are divided into many classes. Some birds live in our house and some live in woods, hills, and marshy lands. In winter session many foreign birds have come to our country from Siberia.

Our country birds consist different habits and different roles. Some feed on worms, some on fish, flesh while some others on fruits and grains. Some common birds are worthy to be mentioned. The Crow is a teasing bird and a familiar bird in our country. It announce us with its harsh voice. It lives in trees around us. It is a very clever bird. It looks ugly. Yet it is useful. It feeds on dead animals and dirty things. The kite is another nice bird of our country. It also consists same habit and nature like a crow. The sparrow is a small bird which lives in the holes of a house. It makes its nest with straw. It chirps the whole day around us. But it is a harmless bird.

The Doel, the Moyna, the koel, the Shyama, the cuckoo and the nightingale all of these birds are known as songs birds. Among these, the cuckoo is the most popular of all songbirds. It comes in our country at the beginning of spring. Among these, the Doel is our national bird. The parrot, the Moyna, the Chandana and the Kakatua are beautiful birds of our country. They are known in our country as the talking birds. If they are trained in properly, they can talk like human beings.

The dove, the Pigeon, the Snipe, the Pankauri, the Herion all of these are well known as game birds. They are famous for their flesh. The vulture and the hawk are the big birds in our country. They live on flesh. These birds have keen eyes and sharp nails. There are some birds are present in Bangladesh which builds their nests with great skills. These kinds of bird are known as tailor birds. The swallow, the Ttuntuni and the Babuai are the tailorbirds.

The birds are the useful assets to our country. And these are our natural wealth. They are useful and helpful to us in many ways. Birds are important elements to keep our ecological balance. But it is very sad that these birds are killed or caught by the men. This is really unexpected events. Therefore we should not kill birds at random. We should look after of them for our own benefits. And we should take proper care of them.


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Birds of Bangladesh Composition Essay

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