How to grow younger!

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It is not a myth! People can grow younger in spite of the passage of time using certain age old herbs that have been extensively researched in the modern times. Yes! Herbs and not artificial chemicals! 

Let’s jump right into the topic without beating around the bush. Here’s a list of herbs and their usage methods to create your own youth regime:

1.       Matcha tea powder (Japanese) – This is a celebrated product used to brew an amazing beverage to benefit your entire body and mind for a long long time if used regularly. It extends life and rejuvenates the organs and the skin. It is an antioxidant-bomb that slows down the aging process drastically if consumed regularly. It can even reverse the aging signs if it is of a high quality. 1gm of matcha powder mixed with a cup of warm water makes one serving. This should be drunk 3 times a day before meals to get maximum benefits. Please find original matcha from reliable sources.

2.       Sage (Salvia officinalis): This magical herb is also known as the herb of immortality. Consume half a spoon of dried sage leaves or chew 6-7 fresh sage leaves everyday on waking up to delay aging and death. Sage is also an herb of patience and needs time to unfold its magic on your physique.

3.       Clove (Syzygium aromaticum): The antioxidant value of clove is among the highest in the market and hence it is a most powerful age-reversal herb that can be found easily. Grind to a powder and keep in an airtight container. Consume just a pinch of this powder every day after a small snack to reap its benefits. Protects the lungs and kidneys too apart from making you look younger.

4.       Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum): Another antioxidant-bomb that reverses aging and protects the heart from weakening, cinnamon is to be powdered and kept in airtight containers too and a pinch of it can be consumed daily with a spoon of honey before any meal to absorb its rejuvenating and life-extending magic.

5.       Lemon-Ginger detox drink: The juice of half a lemon and just 10 drops of ginger juice can be mixed with a glass of water. This can be drunk in the morning or afternoon but must be taken in an empty stomach. Removes poisons from the body and helps it heal faster so the body can rejuvenate and repair itself even if you are not technically young anymore.

Routine: On waking up, eat sage. Later, just before breakfast, drink the lemon-ginger drink. 30 – 40 mins after breakfast drink the 1st cup of matcha tea. 20 mins before lunch take the cinnamon-honey mixture. 2 – 3 hours after lunch take a pinch of clove powder with a gulp of water. Have your 2nd cup of matcha tea in the evening. Have your 3rd cup of matcha tea before dinner.

Follow this regime faithfully for 3 months and then stop for 15 days and then resume again. This should continue forever unless you show signs of allergy or any negative reaction to the herbs. It is indeed in very rare cases that anyone has ever reported any negativity from this regime but well, not everything is for everyone, so do beware. DO NOT EXCEED THE DOSAGE RECOMMENDED IN HOPES OF FASTER RESULTS! The body can take only a certain amount of certain things every day. Too much of anything is bad! [NB: There are other herbal combinations that can achieve almost the same results, but that is a discussion for another day.]

Record your results using periodic photographs of yourself. And above all, believe in your heart that there is no such thing as aging. We are young if we believe we are young. Live a long green life.

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How to grow younger!

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