Sound Pollution Paragraph

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Sound Pollution Paragraph Nowadays sound pollution is one of the worst forms of pollution hazards. Sound pollution has some important causes. It is caused by high volume sound continuous blaring of sound or sudden shrinking sound.  The effect of this pollution is dangerous. They are often lead a deafness, mental imbalance and even heart failure. There are many factors that cause sound pollution. Indiscriminate use of microphones, shrill electronic horns of motor vehicles, sound made by buses, trucks, aeroplanes, various fireworks and slogan shoutings. The sound made by mikes, cassettes etc. are really  intolerable. People must be made aware of the dangers of sound pollution.  They should be conscious of the irreparable injuries sound pollution might cause. Noises should be effectively controlled by imposing restriction on those who are engaged in creating sound pollution.

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Sound Pollution Paragraph

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