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Use of Internet

Internet is the latest miracle that has ushered in a revolution in the application of science for the benefit of humanity. It is the -based global, information system. By accessing the internet today the vast treasure of all forms of knowledge, information, inventions, techniques, process, technologies art literature, etc can be made available.

The internet composed of many interconnected networks. Each network may link tens, hundreds arid even thousands of s, enabling them to share information with one another and to share computational resources such as powerful supers and databases of information.

In this world of globalization and It revolution, internet key player to make it happens so. The internet has brought about new opportunities to government, business and education. Governments use the internet for internal communication, distribution of information and automated tax processing. In Bangladesh, the use of internet has taken a leap in the last few years. The Internet is now the most convenient and reliable and cheapest mode of communication. It has the huge potentiality for the significant improvement of economic productivity.

Not to say, it has some abuses too. Nowadays especially the teenagers are very prone to absorb the demerits of an internet. They, sometimes, keep chatting and whiling away their time with their friends or even unknown persons, when they are supposed to be at their desk to study. They tend to enjoy pornography and do many immoral and hazardous tasks. In fine, we should use internet sorting the best out of it so that we ourselves can be benefited and can benefit others. To keep pace with the rest of the world in every sector, we must be connected with internet.

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Use of Internet Paragraph

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