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Gutfix and Gutlax

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                                                          Gutfix  and Gutlax 



Irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C) is a condition or disordered functioning of the bowel resulting in…

·         Abdominal pain associated with constipation

·         Bloating

·         Infrequent and incomplete bowel movement



Chronic Idiopathic Constipation (CIC) is characterized by infrequent stools which are often difficult to pass with the presence of the following symptoms:

•  Hard and lumpy stools

•  Straining when defecating

•  Feeling of incomplete evacuation after completion

It is called idiopathic because the cause of this type of constipation is unknown and it is not caused by underlying illness or medication.


Opioid-induced constipation (OIC) is a condition that occurs as an adverse effect of the use of painkillers (analgesics).

Differences between IBS-C and CIC

Clinical Symptoms



Abdominal pain/ discomfort



Frequency of defecation per week



Drawbacks of using laxatives for long time

•   Laxative dependency

•  Dysregulation of electrolytes and minerals

•   Damage smooth muscle

•   Malabsorption, dehydration and fecal incontinence


Straining during defecation may results in:

•   Puts the cardiovascular patients at risk by raising BP

•   Increases the chances of reopening of surgical incision after abdominal surgery

•   Damages hemorrhoids surface and causes it to bleed

What’s new in our Lubiprostone?We have introduced MCT based Lubiprostone in Bangladesh.MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) is the main excipient which is used in our Gutfix 8 and Gutlax 24 preparation.Competitors are using Soybean oil in their formulation. Soybean oil is one kind of Long chain Triglycerides (LCT).q  Benefits of MCT Based formulationü  Ensures enhanced bioavailability like Originatorü  Ensures safety for patients with pancreatic insufficiency as it does not need bile or pancreatic enzymes for digestionü  Reduces risk of CVD as it does not store in adipose tissue


q  Indication of Gutfix 8

•   Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation (IBS-C)

•   Functional constipation of children


Dosage and administration of Gutfix 8


For IBS-C: 01 Gutfix 8 licap twice daily.

Children of 3 to 17 years:

For functional constipation: 01 Gutfix 8 licap once daily.



q  Indication of Gutlax 24

•   Chronic idiopathic constipation

•   Opioid induced constipation


Dosage and administration of Gutlax 24


For CIC: 01 Gutlax licap twice daily.

For OIC: 01 Gutlax licap twice daily.


Key Talking Points


Gutfix 8 (For the treatment of IBS-C):


# Provides quick & predictable relief of symptoms from the 1st month

# Ensures quick and sustained Spontaneous Bowel Movements

# Ensures safety and efficacy in long term use

# Safe for the patients with pancreatic insufficiency


Gutlax (For the treatment of CIC & OIC):


# Ensures defecation within 24 hours & reduces straining

# Ensures consistent & rapid Spontaneous Bowel Movements (SBM)

# Overcomes the side effects of long term use of laxatives

# Manages chronic constipation without altering electrolytes level


Key Selling Points


Gutfix™ 8 - The only MCT based Lubiprostone in Bangladesh – For the management of IBS-C.


GutlaxTM 24 - The only MCT based Lubiprostone in Bangladesh – For the management of CIC that overcomes the side effects of long-term use of laxatives.


Gutfix  and Gutlax

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