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Peace Movement Paragraph

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Peace Movement Paragraph

A Peace Movement is a social  Movement that seeks to achieve ideals. It is an antiwar movement. It seeks to minimize inter-human violence in a particular place or type of situation. The means to achieve peace include advocacy of pacifism, supporting antiwar political candidates, creating open government and making laws. Different organisations involved in peace movements have one common goal and it is sustainability of peace. Peace movement is primarily characterized by a belief of nonviolence. It tends to oppose the proliferation of dangerous technologies and weapons of mass destruction. The first Peace Movement in the United States was the New York Peace Society in 1815. It became an active organization holding regular weekly meetings, and producing literature describing the horror of war and advocating pacifism on Christian grounds. To promote universal and permanent peace, the London Peace Society was formed in 1816. British Women formed ''Olive Leaf Circles" to discuss and promote pacifist ideas in the 1840s. The London Peace Society convened the first International Peace Congress in London in 1843. After that the United Nations was founded with the primary objective to maintain peace and resolve inter- state conflicts in the world. Afterwards, peace organisations were set up in many countries. Many treaties have been signed between nations, a noteworthy one of which is the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Today establishment of peace in the world is the major challenge for the world leaders. We are not for the world, the world is for us. To have world peace, people need to have patience. World peace is not a utopian dream. It is within our control. Everyone wants peace and likes principles of non-violence.


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Peace Movement Paragraph

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