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A journey by Train

A journey is an exciting experience to one and all. Journey means going from one place to another place and from one country to another country. A journey is an everyday affair in all the countries. A journey can occur in many ways and a journey by train is one of them. A journey is always a pleasure to me and specially is Train journey. A journey by train is my favorite journey because Train journey has some special criteria which make it adorable. A journey by Plane is expensive, a journey by Bus is uncomfortable and a journey by Boat is risky. But a journey by Train is safe, pleasant and comfortable and it is not expensive.

In the last summer vacation, I got some leisure time. And that time I got an opportunity to make a journey by Train. It was held from Rangpur to Dhaka. I have a friend named Raju. He invited me to his home to spend some days. I reached the station about half an hour before the departure of the train. When I reached the platform it was very busy with people. There were the shouts and rush of the passengers and the coolies. But after some time a whistled were ranged, when the whistle ranged then the passengers stood in a queue beside the ticket counter for collect the ticket. And we also stood beside them for collect the ticket. The right time came and the guard ranged his whistled and waved his flag then the Train left the station. Firstly it started to running at slow speed but after some time it started to running at a good speed. The Train was a mail Train and that reason it is not stopped at all the station it touched only the big station. After some time we left the city and entered the countryside. The Train was going alone leaving the river, green fields and villages on both sides. It was really a delightful to see the green beauties of nature. The atmosphere was very fine and a gentle breeze blowing then. There were jute and sugarcane plants here and there. They were touching their heads in the breeze. Some of the passengers were talking on various matters to each other. One time some hawkers came up to us with their goods and we also boat some goods. Some people expense their time by reading newspapers. At last the Train reached the Dhaka station and I got down. It was one of the most memorable days in my life. Finally, we may be said that journey is very beneficial and helpful to us. It is an essential part of our education. It helps us to increases our knowledge. It gives us practical knowledge and sense of places, people and things. It also broadens our outlook. After all, I think almighty Allah for my successful a journey by train.

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A journey by Train Essay or Composition

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