Water Pollution Paragraph

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Water Pollution

Water is a very important element of the human environment. it is a liquid substance. it is a compound of Hydrogen and oxygen. It is an essential element of nature because saves all kinds of lives of the earth. Clean water is healthful but when it is polluted, it is very harmful. It can be polluted in many ways. It is polluted by waste and filth.

Water is polluted by using chemical fertilizers and various insecticides of the land. When mills and factories throw their waste products into rivers and canals, water becomes polluted. Again motor launches, steamers pollute water by throwing oil. By drinking this polluted water we often get sick and finally die. So we should prevent water pollution. Water can be purified by boiling it and using purified tablets. We cannot live without pure water. Above all, for a healthier and a happier life we should drink pure water.

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Water Pollution Paragraph

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