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A great story of a real man

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 It was very hard for my husband to run our family working alone. He was a day labourer. During the whole day I used to stay home alone. After finishing my household chores, I felt so bored and lonely after sending my daughter off to school. Then we started saving money and started a tea shop one year ago near our home. I taught my husband how to make tea. Now people say that our tea is the best tea in our whole area. My husband takes care of the shop in the morning. After I finish my household chores, I look after the shop in the evening. Then my husband can get some rest and give some time to our daughter and son. When we have nothing to do, we run the shop together so we can take time for each other besides selling tea. We started our tiny tea stall with nothing. Now we have everything we need and we can easily earn 500 taka every day from this shop. I admitted my daughter and son to a good school. My dream for my daughter is to give her a better education so she can be a doctor after finishing her studies. Everything was possible for all of us when both my husband I were working hard. My husband always shows his gratitude for my idea and involvement in opening the shop. Many neighbors have said bad things to my husband about why he lets his woman work in a shop where there are always a lot of men coming for tea. But my husband never listens to them and always keeps mentioning it proudly. He says, “If all the women started working like my wife, there would be no poverty in Bangladesh anymore.” 


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A great story of a real man

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