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A colored pencil is an art material formed by a pigmented mine, enclosed within a cylindrical wooden sheath. Unlike the pencils of graphite and charcoal , mine colored pencils is made from wax or oil containing varying proportions of pigments , additives and binders. Pencils are also made with water-soluble mines (watercolor) and pastel pencils, as well as colored pencils for mechanical pencils .

Colored pencils vary greatly in terms of quality and utility; The concentration of pigments in the mine, the photoresistance of the pigments, the durability of the color pencil and the smoothness of the mine are some indicators of the quality of a brand and, consequently, of its price. In general there is no difference in quality between colored pencils with wax / oil-based mines and those with water-soluble mines, although some manufacturers indicate that their watercolor pencils are less luminous than those with wax / oil-based mines . The increasing popularity of colored pencils as an art material drove the creation of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA). According to their website, "CPSA not only promotes drawing with colored pencils as a fine art , but also presses to impose photoresist standards on manufacturers of colored pencils. In other countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Mexico - among many others - organizations and societies have been formed for colored pencil artists.


The history of the colored pencil is not entirely clear. The use of wax-made art materials such as crayons is well documented , however, it dates back to Classical Greece and was later documented by the Roman scholar Pliny the Elder . Wax art materials were appreciated by artists for centuries, due to their resistance to degradation, the vivacity and brilliance of their colors and their unique qualities of registration. Although colored pencils were previously used to "check and mark" for decades, it was not until the early twentieth century that artistic quality color pencils were produced. AR Manufacturing Company is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of oil pastels, crayons, and other art supplies in Bangladesh.


Various types of colored pencils are manufactured, both for artistic and practical uses.

Artistic quality

The mines of artistic quality color pencils are filled with higher concentrations of high quality pigments than student quality color pencils. Its photoresistance - in the sun's ultraviolet rays - is also measured and documented. The durability of the mine, its resistance to breakage and water, as well as the popularity of its brand, are also notable features of artistic quality color pencils. Artistic quality color pencils have the largest color ranges; 72-color games are very common and there are several brands that offer games of 120 colors or more. They are also usually sold as individual pencils.

Student and school quality

Many of the companies that produce artistic quality color pencils also offer student quality and school quality color pencils. In general, the level of photoresistance is not included in colored pencils of these qualities. The composition of the mine and the proportion of pigment-binder vary between color pencils of artistic quality and student quality, even when they are produced by the same company. Since they are intended for different users, student quality and school quality color pencils do not have the high quality pigments and photoresist standards of artistic quality color pencils. In addition, its color range is smaller, often limited to 24 or 36 colors.

However, the use of lower quality color pencils has its advantages. Some companies offer erasable color pencils for beginner artists to experiment with. In addition, for their significantly lower prices, student quality color pencils are ideal for elementary students. The manufacturers of colored pencils adapt their products - and prices - to groups of different ages and abilities.

Color mines for mechanical pencils

Although they are not as usual as graphite mines for mechanical pencils , some companies also offer color mines. Currently, there is a very limited range of color mines.

Watercolor pencils

Watercolor pencils, also known as water-soluble pencils, are a versatile art material. Watercolor pencils can be used dry -like conventional colored pencils- or water can be applied to obtain the desired watercolor effect. To apply water, the artist first applies the dry pigment on the paper, and then passes a wet brush to intensify and spread the colors. This technique can also be used to mix colors, with many artists applying both techniques in a single work of art. Artistic-quality watercolor pencils usually come with a variety of 60 or 72 colors, some with 120 colors.

Pastel pencils

Pastel pencils have a mine similar to cakes . Its advantage is that they can be sharpened to a fine point, so they are useful for adding details in drawings to the cake.


Colored pencils can be used in combination with various drawing materials. When they are employed individually, there are two main recording techniques that are employed by colored pencil artists.

Colored pencil drawing showing the shading technique in the cup and the overlay technique in the spoon.

  • The shading is generally employed in the initial stages of a drawing with colored pencils, but also can be used throughout the work. When shading, shades are formed gradually by applying several layers of primary colors. Shaded drawings generally expose the tooth of the paper and are characterized by a granular and irregular finish.
  • The overlay is an additive technique in which a mixer colorless or pencil light colored is applied and firmly on a shaded drawing. This produces a bright surface of combined colors that goes deep into the grain of the paper.

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Color Pencil

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