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Price hike

Price hike refers to increase of prices of regularly essential commodities in an illogical way. There are a good many reasons behind the rise of price. Firstly, most of our essential commodities are import based. We have to import them to meet our local demand. The importer is to pay customs duty, VAT and freight charge which add to the import cost resulting in a price hike. Secondly, hoarders store goods in their storage house and create an artificial shortage in the supply of commodities. Thus a section of wicked businessmen creates the artificial rise of price to make a high profit.

Again the retailers also contribute to the issue because we find a handsome gap between the rate of whole seller's market and retailer's market. The high price of fuel is also responsible for the rise of price. In order to get rid of the price hike, the authority concerned should chalk out some pragmatic steps. There should be a list of emergency commodity list which should be made duty free. The government should pay the subsidy to import those goods. Besides, TCB should be more active to import goods having crises in the market. Even, there should be a system so that farmers can market their own products to customers. If the system can be developed, it will help the growers to be benefited and the same time, it will help control the prices of goods.

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Price Hike Paragraph

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