A winter morning Paragraph

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A winter morning

A winter morning in our land is a matter of common experience. During the winter season, the days are short. So everyone is busy in the morning in taking breakfast, dressing up and getting ready for going to school college or office. Children and old people are afraid of the shivering cold in the winter morning. During holidays a winter morning is enjoyable. One can enjoy sweet, delicious cakes in the morning. 

The grasses on the roads and meadows are seen overburdened with dew drops. The dew drops on the grasses then look like pearls. In the villages also everybody is busy. The village women give food to the male members and children. In winter morning they cook cakes and Muri or Chira. Village children eat it before going to the make tab. It is very pleasant to bask in the sun. Village children hardly have warm clothes. So they make fire with straw, sit around and enjoy the heat.

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A winter morning Paragraph

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