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Rural development

Rural development means the development of the villages. It also means the development of the condition of our villagers by providing facilities for education, communication, health, and sanitation. Rural development also includes the facilities of agriculture, cottage industries, and others. Bangladesh is a land of villages and more than 80 percent of our people live in villages. So in our country context, the importance of rural development is very great. The development of the country depends on the welfare of these villages. After liberation war, massive programs for rural development had been undertaken.

In our country, rural development has various aspects. The most important of them are agriculture, education, health, sanitation and many others. During pre-liberation time our villages were totally neglected. But gradually after our liberation war, its development programmers in all sectors have been undertaken. A good communication is essential for the development of villages. After our liberation war, many roads from UPA Zilla to union Parishad have been constructed to link the villages with the cities. As a result, people can easily move district and others cities and carry their agricultural products as easily.


Education is the backbone of a nation. Without education, nation cannot prosper. It is the major dimension of rural development. It is education which illumines the soul, broadens the outlook on life and removes the darkness. So, for the rural development, the education is the major important aspects. Bangladesh is an agricultural country.

Agriculture is the lifeblood of the economy of Bangladesh. About 80 percent of our country people live in villages and they are engaged in agriculture who live in villages. Even in the present modern age, our agriculture is very backward and active. Now a day’s many development programs for the development of agriculture have been taken up by our government. Health is the important elements of rural development. So a nation blessed with a good health is the greatest blessing on the earth. But we are far from this blessing. As most of our villages are illiterate, and they have no knowledge of health and sanitation? Most of the villagers suffer from a various disease. For prevent these problems many hospitals, health centers, clinic and charitable dispensaries should be set up in rural areas to ensure the health facilities of the poor rural peoples. Pure drinking water also needed in the rural places. Because many of our rural people suffer from it. In the rural people use their drinking water they collect water from the ponds. As a result, they suffer from many water daises.

From above the discussion, at last, we may say that, through the development of the villages our country will reach the peak of progress and prosperity. Let us all come forward and work with concrete efforts to develop our villages.


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Rural development Composition Essay

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