A journey by Bus Composition Essay

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A journey by Bus

A journey is an exciting experience to one and all. Journey means going from one place to another or from one country to another. Journey by Bus is an everyday affair in Bangladesh. Since has made a tremendous contribution in the field of communication, it has made our journey as quicker and more convenient. The innovation of Bus is a gift of science. We go from one place to another place by Bus within the shortest possible time. Journey by Bus includes a comfortable dimension of our daily life.

A few days ago I had an opportunity to journey by Bus from Rangpur to Dhaka. I have a friend named Raju. He invited me to his home to spend some days. That reasons I was going to Raju’s home in the summer vacation. I got on the Bus from Rangpur Bus terminal at 9.00 O,clock in the morning. The Bus was spacious and luxurious. It started playing at 9, 30 am. That time the weather was fine with a cloudless sky above. Soon we left the city area and entered the rural area. We found bounties of nature on both sides of the highway. The Bus was playing through the green fields. My heart was filled with joy when I saw that natural beautiful scenery.

The journey by Bus from Rangpur to Dhaka was a very interesting experience for me. The Bus leaving many villages, markets, rivers, huts and bazars behind. We crossed over so many bridges on the rivers. The Bus going along leaving the river green fields and villages on both sides. It was really very delightful to see the green beauties of nature. The atmosphere was very fine and a gentle breeze was blowing then. Most of the passengers were enjoying into the Bus. Some passengers bought sweets, banana, biscuits, from the hawker. But suddenly, when our Bus was moving with a great speed, that time a loaded truck ran quickly towards us from the opposite side. We raised a cry of alarm. I closed my eyes and began to call for the mercy of the almighty. Most of the passengers approached a head-on collision, though fortunately, we had a hair’s breadth escape. But after the crises situation again our Bus was running at high speed. I think god was always with us and we were safe and sound.

Finally, from above the discussion, we may say that a journey is very essential and beneficial to us. It is an essential part of our education. It increases our knowledge. It gives us a practical knowledge of places, people, and things. It also broadens our outlook. At last, I reached my friends home with a heavy heart. Thus the Bus journey was ended with a feeling of sadness.


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A journey by Bus Composition Essay

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