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The Act for Good Baby of the Womb.

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Pregnant_ Mahiladar_Amal- 

♦ The first month of Surah Al-Imran's recitation of the child will be expensive. 

♦ In the second month of Sura Yusuf, children will be beautiful. The child will be patient while reciting Surat Mary in the third month.

 ♦ In the fourth month, if the surah lokman is read, the child will be haiktanta. 

♦ If the Surah Muhammad reads in the fifth month, the child will be virtuous. 

♦The child will be wise after reading the sura yasin in the sixth month. 

♦ The first ten verses of Surah Yusuf, Muhammad, and Ibrahim will be read in the seventh, seventh, ninth and twelfth month. 

✓✓ When you get hurt, you will drink the water and drink it with water. Allaah has given the gift of women to all pregnant women. Amin !!

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The Act for Good Baby of the Womb.

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