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Etiquette and Manner Paragraph

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Etiquette and Manner Paragraph


'Etiquette' and 'manners'a are very similar words, The word 'etiquette' is derived from a French word. It means the rules of correct behaviour in society. On the other hand, 'manners' is an English word. It means the behaviour that is considered to be polite in a particular society or culture. Manner refers to usual behaviour towards others. It may be good or bad. It refers to polite ways of treating other people and behaving in public. Family is the best institution for children to learn etiquette. Here children learn to respect the decision of all members. They also put into practice the foundation of all social etiquette here. Social etiquette means how to behave with your friends, neighbours and strangers. Etiquette and manners keep a man in the list of favorite persons . Different situations call for different etiquette and manners. They are divided into three groups: family etiquette,social etiquette and professional etiquette. Respecting each other's belongings, treating the children kindly and listening to the parents are the examples of family etiquette. Giving and receiving compliments, refusing to gossip with about friends, making late, interrupting to somebody's talking are termed as basic social etiquette. Dressing properly, shaking hands appropriately, keeping indoor voice during speaking to somebody is professional etiquette. Speaking with food in one's mouth is socially onsidered a bad manner. A bad mannered person has less social acceptance. Everybody dislikes him. It varies from culture to culture and society to society. We learn from our parents at our very early age. We also learn it from schools, colleges and professional bodies. Every social occasion has its own rules of behaviour. They are different from each other. A behaviour may be correct in a wedding ceremony  and also may be inappropriate in a debating club. Learning etiquette and manner is a part to be handsome that suggests handsome is what handsome does.



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Etiquette and Manner Paragraph

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