A journey by Boat Composition

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A journey by Boat

A journey is an exciting experience to one and all. Journey gives us pleasure. Journey means going from one place to another place or from one country to another. Journey by Boat is an everyday affair in Bangladesh. It is all the more attractive for a student because it provides him with a relief from the daily routine of books and class room.A few days ago I had an opportunity for making a journey by Boat. It was a winter morning and holiday. I along with some of my friends and we started our journey from Dhaka to Barisal. I have a friend named Raju. He invited me to his home to spend some days. I was going to my friend’s home in the winter vacation. I got on the Boat at Dhaka Sodor ghat Boat station at 8 o, clock in the morning. The weather was fine with a cloudless sky above. The journey by Boat from Dhaka to Barisal was a very exciting experience. The Board started playing at a good speed. We left the city and entered the countryside. The Boat was going alone leaving the river green fields and villages on both sides. It was really very delightful to see the green beauties of nature. The atmosphere was very fine and a gentle breeze was blowing then. A narrow escape from a collision. It was about in the middle of our journey when we got our Boat nearly causing a collision. I think Allah was always with us and we were safe and sound. I felt drowsy science the Boat was running at a great speed. Then I understood that to feel drowsy at the time of journey is not good.

Finally, the sun was setting down and the purpling color of the setting sun made everything reddish in color. After the immediate setting of the sun, we reached our expectation place. Our Boat reached the ghat of Borishal. We got down the Boat. Our journey ended and we may say that journey is very beneficial to us. It is an essential part of our education. It increases our knowledge. It gives us a practical sense of place, peoples, and things. It also broadens our outlook. After all, it was really enjoyable and memorable and also I thank almighty Allah for my successful journey.

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A journey by Boat Composition

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