A Garment Worker Paragraph

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A garment worker is a person who work in the garment factory for his/her living. A garment worker works hard but she/he gets a little amount as a monthly salary. A garment worker is usually not much educated.  Most of them do not have even matriculation certificate. However, they work hard in the factory. A garment worker's daily routine is in fact a routine of work inside an unhygienic stuffy room where The other workers cram and engage in work with their machines. They enter the room in early morning. They have no rest. At noon they get half an hour's break for taking lunch. After finishing a scanty lunch that they usually carry from their house, they again go back to work. Sometimes they work till late night to get overtime but that is also too insufficient for their family. A garment worker contributes a lot in our national economy because major portion of foreign money is now coming from garments sectors. We must thing of providing minimum wages to a garment worker so that she/he can get a better life.

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A Garment Worker Paragraph

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