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Craftwork Paragraph

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Craftwork  Paragraph 


A crafwork is a practical form of art, a social and cultural product reflecting the inclusive nature of folk-imagination and highlighting community aesthetics. It has some distinctive features. Craftworks are made by unknown craftsman. They do not bear the sing of their makers. Individual creativity and community aesthetics are elements of crafts, The intimate nature of the product and the tactile feeling generated by it animate the work and we feel a pride for both the product and the producer. We have a lot of craftworks. The Nakshikantha and the exquisite terracotta dolls of Dinajpur are the most prominent. The Nakshikantha is so beautifully embroidered that each stitch reflects the culture and the lifestyle of the rural people with a personal touch of the maker. A craftwork always pays attention to community aesthetics. It tells about the sense of taste of the people living around the region of its making. A craftwork almost rernains stable fulfilling the demands of the changed scenario. Viewed from this point, a craftwork is also dynamic.  It is very sad that our craftworks are now going to be abolished. Craftwork producers cannot compete with mechanically produced mass production which has captured the market for their cheap price. Market plays a vital role in promoting crafts. We can successfully brand our craftworks both within and outside the country by using market forces as there are always buyers and users of handmade products who feel a strong atraction towards such cultural products. So fo preserve our glorious culture and hardily we should be careful about our craftwork.


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Craftwork Paragraph

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