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Cosmetic procedures for healthy and glowing skin

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Basic Skin care includes use of face wash, moisturizers and avoidance of sun. But certain cosmetic procedures(as given below) can ensure healthy and glowing skin which can last longer than many others .


Microdermabrasion: This is another non-surgical procedure, to fend off the aging process. Microderm is largely used to wipe out the finer wrinkles. Here, sharp Aluminium Oxide crystals are sprayed at high velocity. These assist in excising the Stratum Corneum, topmost layer of the skin. This eventually removes the fine wrinkles. The procedure is accompanied by high pressure suction, to take away the grime and the powder used for Microderm. It is a painless procedure.


Dermabrasion: This is a plastic surgical procedure where the top layer of diseased skin is removed by a special machine. Local anasthesia is usually employed. The uses of dermabrasion includes acne vulgaris (pimples)? both active acne and scars, facial pigmentations, fine wrinkles, flat warts, traumatic scars etc. Skin hygiene is most important for the treatment of acne. Topical creams and oral antibiotics are sometimes helpful. But for patients having recurrant attacks and in whom multiple pits and scar develop dermabrasion is required. Nowadays microdermabrasion procedure is being used instead of dermabrasion. Because it is safer and gives better result.


Dermaroller: is a rolling device studded with rows of fine needles. It induces collagen synthesis in the deeper layers of the skin and thereby increases its thickness and reduces fine wrinkles. It also have in improvement of skin tone and glow, Addition of Vitamin C serum(10%) can augment the results.


Laser: There has been an impressive surge in popularity in the recent times. Laser has been refered to as one of the most substantial procedures to smoothen and tone the skin. A special type of light ray is used to destroy the collagen accommodated deep inside. Within a few days, new collagen start forming, and this process is called collagen remodeling. As a result of this remodeling, the skin becomes increasingly taut and ceaseless. It is for this reason that this is also known as laser rejuvenation. It is to be noted that the procedure demands several sessions for best results.


Chemical Peel:  There are numerous chemical that can be used as peeling agents for the skin. It is meant to replace unhealthy stratum corneum (outer most layer of the skin)  bu a fresh outer layer. Extreme care need to be exercised to avoid skin burns and hyperpigmentation(darking of skin). Specially, when using TCA peel. 


Blue peel radiance(oxalic and salicylic acid) is a very safe and effective chemical peel introduced by Obagi USA. It gives immediate improvement in skin glow and fairness: hence its name party peel. Since its introduction  we have been using this in our centre with very good results.


Vitamin C Serum: This can be used singularly or in conjunction  with nu derm or derma roller for reduction of dark patches on face.  10% Serum used twice a day can give dramatic improvement within a few days. For dark circle around the eyes 5% Serum is most effective.


After the procedure hospitalization is not required. Light dressing is applied for a few days. In 7 to 10 days new healthy skin (epidermis) grow from the deeper layer After the procedure the area becomes smooth and more pleasing to look at. Slight redness may be evident but it goes away with time, In properly selected cases result is excellent.


Obagi Skin Products:

  • Nuderm
  • Blue peel Radiance
  • Professional C Serum


Cosmetic procedures for healthy and glowing skin

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