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The rules of affidavit writing.

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Government of the people’s republic of Bangladesh

Court stamp taka 20

D : 2390002





I beg to say that, I am Abdus Salam, publisher and editor online news paper "Chaloman Mymensingh ". I swear that, Chaloman Mymensingh is an online newspaper and it is not national newspaper. I always publish news fairly, truth fully and accurately in my news paper of remote areas. Note that in, Bangladesh on-line news paper’s portal is limited by govt. laws, my news portal among is one of my magazines. Firstly, it is not possible for to carry the memory capacity of the computer hard disk`s ram, server, government taxes and technology and the management people, manpower all together. We always every month upgrade our computer`s server as a result of that old news deleted from the computer and server.


I understood the meaning of this oath and realized the meaning of it and I signed this affidavit before the NOTARY PUBLIC.



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                                                                                     Signature of the deponent


                                                                                           Abdus Salam



The rules of affidavit writing.

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