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Imran Najir

Imran Najir

I am a graphic designer

Md. Babul Rana

Md. Babul Rana Rangpur

I have completed Graduation to Botany. I am an honest, active person and Digital Marketer too. So,I am willing to work honestly in your organization or company.


M.A.Gofur Rangpur

একজন ছাত্র লেখাপড়ার পাশাপাশি কিছু করার ইচ্ছে ছিল তাই রেজিস্ট্রি অফিসে সহকারী হিসেবে কাজ করছি । কিছু জানার তাগিতে অনলাইনে ঘর বেধেছি ।

Sumon Akando

Sumon Akando Rangpur

Hello there This is Sumon, Study in Carmichael College at BA finall year. Also work as a freelancer, Graphic design trainer at Zenith ICT Solutions Ltd & also become a social media expert. Search me on google to fine me -

Abdullah Al Ahad

Abdullah Al Ahad Rangpur

Hello, I'm Abdullah-Al-Ahad Currently I'm studying BBA at National University, Bangladesh. Alongside I'm working as a freelance Graphics Designer.I've good skills on various IT sector such as Digital Marketing, Video Editing & so many. Want to be an honest & good people :)

S A Rahman

S A Rahman Dhaka

I am a digital, inbound and Social Media Marketing professional with a certification in International Marketing and it is safe to say that I live & breathe digital!

Lalin Chakma

Lalin Chakma Rangamati

My identity as a graphics designer. My dream is a business organization would be improve their business by designing I made. So, I design those designs that are needed to develop business as attractive organization. To expand any business activity, especially logo, banners, posters, leaflets, business cards and various types of designs are needed. And I give them these design services.

Md. Main Uddin

Md. Main Uddin Dhaka

I am a dedicated freelancer who is passionate to work. I worked as SEO and Data Analyst for some of the renowned IT farm such as DevsTeam, Awwama Technology, RankPen, Odin Offshore Outsourcing. I will do any kind of content writing, SEO, and site maintenance for you.

Mamun Rashid

Mamun Rashid Sylhet

আমি একজন সাদা মনের মানুষ। আমার কাছে সব চাইতে ভালোবাসার মানুষ হলেন আমার মা বাবা। আমি আমার মা বাবা কে সব সময় খুশি রাখতে চাই। আপনার দুয়া করবেন।

Md. Sahin Alom

Md. Sahin Alom

This is Shain.I am specialize graphic design.

Mosa Kazi Ayesha Akter Liza

Mosa Kazi Ayesha Akter Liza Dhaka Bangladesh

Hello, I am Mosa Kazi Ayesha Akter Liza . I am Student. Right now I am Graphic Designer working with Some clients

Laila jahan

Laila jahan

I would like earn my knowledge with others help

Laila jahan

Laila jahan Dhaka

I like to work with everyone Think of taking any decisive action successfully

KarnojiT Roy

KarnojiT Roy Dinajpur

Now I'm a student of Computer science and Technology. I have been completed my Diploma engineering from Dinajpur Polytechnic Institute on Computer Technology. Now I'm studying BSC on Computer Science and Technology at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology , China

Liton Chakma AnNa DA

Liton Chakma AnNa DA Rangamati

Don't be confused. I am very smart, cute, handsome. I Love travelling.

Tareq Aziz

Tareq Aziz

Hi, I am Tareq Aziz. Basically, I am a Graphic Designer. Specially T-shirt & Business card Design