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Margot Levin

Margot Levin New York

I am committed to helping people understand themselves better so that they can make constructive changes in their lives, whether that is to feel less depressed or anxious, to establish more satisfying relationships, to stop bingeing and purging, or to function better at work. I work mainly with individual adults, including many college students. I have a doctorate in clinical psychology from Temple University, and I have a certificate in psychodynamic psychotherapy from the NYU Psychoanalytic Institute. I help clients see how past experiences and behavior patterns may contribute to their current symptoms and difficulties. I help them use their self-awareness to make desired changes in their lives. I draw on my training in several areas of psychology, including psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapy. I have been in private practice since 2002.

Dr. Debra O'Shea

Dr. Debra O'Shea New York

Thank you for visiting! In my practice, I strive to create a welcoming and safe environment where you’ll feel comfortable sharing your challenges and concerns. I use a caring and empathetic approach to build a genuine connection with each client, and use that compassionate connection as the foundation of their treatment. I have extensive experience working with clients with anxiety, and I use an integrative and holistic approach to address the whole person, not just their symptoms. I use several techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), relaxation, and insight work, to decrease client distress, increase overall wellbeing, and foster positive lifestyle changes for my clients.

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