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Tanoy Bhuiyan

Tanoy Bhuiyan Gazipur

Love to learn new thing and want to look this world fully.

Rashed Hasan

Rashed Hasan

Digital Marketing Specialist (SEO,SMM,SEM,Youtube) Hi Dear, Welcome to my profile. Over the last 5 years, I have been working as a senior SEO Manager. Now I am trying to build my career as a freelancer with this website. I have strong knowledge in the following areas: Search engine optimization (SEO) ========= On Page SEO========= ==== Step - 1 ==== 1. Site Visibility Check 2. Discover Website Error 3. Page Speed Check 4. Stacking Issue check 5. Rivalry Analysis 6. Backlinks Analyze 7. Web index Panelist Check 8. Portable Friendly Checking 9. Subject Responsive Testing 10. All this Problems Repair & 11. Make Sure SEO Friendly Site Structure. ==== Step - 2 ==== 1. Page Title Optimization 2. Meta Descriptions Optimization 3. Meta Tags Optimization 4. Content Optimize 5. Image Optimizatio 6. Internal Link Optimize 7. Outbound Link Optimize 8. HTML Code Optimize 9. URL Structure Optimization 10. Local Map Optimize 11. Page Optimize 12. Page Speed Optimize 13. Hyperlink Optimize 14. Anchor Text Optimize 15. SEO Friendly URL Optimize etc. ==== Step - 3 ==== 1. SEO Friendly Checking 2. Canonical Issue fixed 3. Duplication Minimize 4. Css Cache, JS, Html Minify 5. Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc) 6. Robot.txt & Sitemap File Generat 7. 301 Redirect 8. Keyword Research 9. Keyword Density 10. Find Competitive Keyword. 11. Collect and Finalize Keywords etc. =========Off Page SEO======== ===Advanced=== 1. Article Collection 2. Article Writing or Rewriting 3. Audiences Research 4. Leads Generation 5. Leads Motivate 6. Leads Identify 7. Customer Analysis 8. Market Research 9. Marketing Strategy 10. Marketing Promotion 11. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 12. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) etc. ==Link Building / Backlinks Creation== 1. High PR Link Building 2. Mutual Backlinks Creation 3. Reciprocal Link Building 4. Link Exchange 5. .Gov .Edu Link Building 6. YouTube Link Building 7. Angela's and Paul's Backlinks 8. Amazon Link Building 9. Web 2.0 Link Building 10. High authority directory link Building etc. === Posting === 1. Blog Posting 2. Forum Posting 3. Answers Posting 4. Guest Posting 5. Comments Posting 6. Article Posting etc. === Special=== 1. Google Panda Recovery 2. Google Sandbox Recovery 3. Keywords Research 4. Search Engine Indexing 5. Bookmarking 6. Pinging 7. SEO Audit 8. White Hat vs Black Hat SEO 9. Web Scraping or Web Harvesting 10. About Google 500 Products etc. === Submission=== 1. Article Submission 2. Directory Submission 3. RSS Submission 4. Yellow Pages Submission 5. Press Release Submission 6. SM Submission 7. BN Submission 8. Webmaster Tools Submission 9. Web Directory Submission etc. === Data Management === 1. Data Entry 2. Data Collection 3. Data Mining 4. Data Minimization 5. Data Breaching 6. Data Scraping 7. Data Analysis 8. Data Processing 9. Data Convert 10. Magento Data Entry etc. === Local SEO === 1. Business Page Creation 2. Local Listing Creation 3. Local Business Listings 4. NAP Consistency Setup 5. Classified listing etc. ===Social Media Marketing (SMM)=== 1. FB A/C Setup 2. FB Page Setup 3. FB Group Setup 4. FB Page Like Increase 5. Twitter A/C Setup 6. G+ Page A/C Setup 7. Twitter Follower Increase 8. Pinterest A/C Setup 9. Linkedin A/C Setup 10. Instagram A/C Setup 11. Others SMM. ===Video Marketing (Youtube)=== 1. Youtube Channel Creation 2. Dailymotion Channel Setup 3. Vemo A/C Setup 4. Video Editing with Camtasia 5. Intros & Outros Make 6. Video Analysis 7. Subscriber Increase 8. Watermarks 9. Many Others. **Description for one skill (Marketing strategy)** Marketing strategy is, the greatest opportunity achieve by limited resource. Strategy based on market dominance. Such as on market leaders, on market challenger, on market follower & market nicher etc.I think idea generation this is the most important matter. Marketing strategy is dependent on many thing. Something below. • Product Differentiation • Cost Leadership • Market separation • Audiences Research • Leads Generation • Leads Motivate • Leads Identify • Customer Analysis • Market Research • Marketing Promotion • Market Segmentation etc. You can rely on me without any confuse. Actually freelancing is my career and it's my passion. If you feel good to see my profile. Please contact with me & Kindly hire me. Thank You.

Md Arafat Hossen

Md Arafat Hossen Barisal

My name is Md Arafat Hossen I am a Diploma in Electrical Engineer . I was pass September - 2018 from Barista Ideal Polytechnic Institute with CG-PA at 3.22

Sohag Ali

Sohag Ali Dhaka

I am Sohag Ali.I am a web designer and i am a student too.

Abdullah Fahad Jakir

Abdullah Fahad Jakir

BSS (Honours) in Eeconomics at Jagannath University

mastermind shehab

mastermind shehab Gopalganj

I am shahab, I am studying in computer engineering, I am a professional web programmer and content writer, I have researched technology and love writing about technology. I also try to make the reader happy as much as possible by writing stories.

Hamid Suhag

Hamid Suhag Sylhet

Hello, a bit about me I’m Hamid Suhag I’m a professional full-stack web developer with huge experience since 2017. I’m always willing to learn new skills and confidently complete work that is assigned to me. I’m an Expert on web Developing, Honest, Sincere and Responsible worker. I am efficient enough to provide high-quality work in a very short time. and I will change any kind of things as long as you want until your satisfaction. any further inquires please feel free to ask me I look forward to working with you. best regards,

MD Emon Ali

MD Emon Ali Jhenaidah

Just a simple man. Always try to learn new things. I am greatly fond of science and technology.

Shafiur Rahman Miju

Shafiur Rahman Miju

I'm a stranger mad. I hate those people of the world who prevent me from making decisions.

Mohammad Humayun Kabir

Mohammad Humayun Kabir Dhaka

Hello, I am Mohammad Humayun Kabir. I am the founder of Samol Bangla school & Madrasa & Kabir Digital and Online Education Institute. . Right now I am studying so many skills like SEO & Digital Marketing Industries.

Md Arif Hossain

Md Arif Hossain Dhaka

Md Arif Hossain is a website developer. He designed the official website of AR Manufacturing Company.


Md. SAIFUL ISLAM Dhaka Bangladesh

"To work in an environment where there in an opportunity of self-assessment and self-improvement in both individual & group based work that will ultimately lead to both organization & personal growth." Willing to work in a creative, innovative and exciting working environment which values ideas and encourages initiatives .

Tamjidur Rahman

Tamjidur Rahman Dhaka

I am tamjidur rahman. From puran dhaka. I have completed ssc from madrasha then completed aeronautical engineering from the united college of aviation. My course was under Business & technology education council (BTEC). In the meantime, I have started learning to code so that I can earn by freelancing. By that time I had to promote my self and convince clients so that I can get hired. In this way, I got some projects. From that time I feel that I should develop my career in marketing. In my spare time, I love to play guitar some times do practice martial arts if I get the chance.