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Terms & Conditions

In this page, you are going to read about terms and conditions of our website CloseWe.com. This terms and conditions only apply to these people who using CloseWe.com.

If you are not a user of our website then you may leave it. Anytime if CloseWe team make any changes in the website and if we need something to add in this page we may change this. We follow cent percent General Data Protection Regulation.

License for user

Closewe.com is a free online service. We provide free service to all. You can access any public data which is provided by a company or people who are already a member of this website. But you can't copy anything from our website. This is license under electronic media terms.

Copyright Claims

All the data which appear on this website only belongs to who shared and the company itself. If any other website or anywhere someone copies any content from our websites may be authority can take legal action to that people or company. But if the user who shared that data give permission to use his/her data to use anywhere then that's okay for our team.

Third party links

The user of this website can share a third-party link to this website. That will be our concern. We giving you guarantee of these link which is shared on our website. If closewe team thinks any link is not safe for users it may erase from the website. Also, any website link which is inappropriate with government rules and regulation is not acceptable to this website.

Content sharing terms

If you signing up for our website and share any data with us that means you are giving us permission to share your data with the public. Since there you can make your public profile that means your personal data will share with the public. Hope you have no limitation on that. If you are feeling insecure to share data then you may leave us. And if any data will violate government rules and regulation you may permanently ban from our website or can be taken legal action to you. Also, the company has rights to delete anytime any data if "CloseWe" team think this data is not appropriate for this website or violating government rules. We may sometime manually review your sharing data. After using our website you can anytime delete your account, we do not take any data of our former user. you will delete your account that means all of your data will erase from our website.

Conditions for our users

To become a member of our website. You will require your personal email and other sensitive data. We are giving you full guarantee that your sensitive data will not transfer to anyone else and we will not use your sensitive data for any reason.

That's enough terms and condition for users. We hope you will follow our rules and use this website for your own advantages. If you have any suggestions about our terms you can contact us anytime. We will glad to hear from you.

Thank You

CloseWe Team

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